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52 Ancestors-Week#3 Bedie Lois Crews

My great grandmother, Bedie Lois Crews, was born  October 25, 1893 . She was the daughter of Peter Jefferson Crews and Mary Delany Rice. She was born in Neshoba County Mississippi.

I know very little about her. There are no pictures of her that I know about. She died at 19 years of age when my grandmother was only 2 years old. I really wish I knew what happened for her to die at such a young age. UPDATE: ask and ye shall receive 🙂 According to her grand daughter, Mary, she died of phlebitis. Thank you Mary!


The first record I have is the 1900 census where she is 6 years old.

She married John Louis Hardy January 16th 1910. The next census record, in 1910, shows her 16 years old and living with her husband. She must have been a few weeks pregnant when this census was taken.

I visited her grave last November and she has a very simple stone. Only her name is inscribed on it. She is buried in the Bethsaidia Baptist Church Cemetery in Neshoba County Mississippi amongst many of her family members.

She died November 20, 1912