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imageI must say home decor is my favorite way to share the stories of my family. I want to first point out that I am NEVER using original pictures for my projects! I am sure you all knew that I just did want anyone to freak out on me 🙂 All the originals are safely stored away,  I scan everything, and have them all printed.

Home decor does not have to be complicated to add interest to your home. It also does not need to be expensive! I hope we can share some projects that have a small cost, but a large impact. Even small mementoes can be displayed in creative way. What are your favorite ways to use family history as decor?

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  1. Most of the art that I have hanging in my home was purchased on trips that I have taken throughout my life. I buy things that appeal to me and that will compliment other things I have. I try to collect a variety of sizes, and on smaller pieces I may buy three pieces that work together. When I look around my home I see my first trip to New York in the 1980’s, multiple Mardi Gras’ memories, a Broadway show, a trip to San Francisco, etc. it’s much more meaningful to me than a drawer full of momentous. Great site.

    • Thank you Steven! That is a wonderful idea! It is so much better to have things around you that bring back special memories vs. things you just buy at the mall. I need to think about doing that more often. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What for a great site which so many interesting things especially the home decor which I love it and the reasong I´m leaving my comments…well done and for sure I´ll be coming back here to look for more info.


  3. A few years ago my mom wanted to tear down really worn-out wooden wall paneling. I beat her to it, and decided to paint it (professionally myself:)) in white. I painted the wall above it in peachy color. The house was a mess for one month, but it was so worth it. Even now it looks like new, 10 years after. That’s how much you can do with little money, because it all costed around $70.
    Keep up in the good direction, I will be watching you:)

    All the best

    • Thank you Maya for sharing that! It means so much more to you when you invested your time in it. All the best to you!

  4. Hi Amanda, You site and its content are very interesting!
    I Think this is something I shall share with my wife! 🙂 I am sure she would love it.

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