Printer Tray Shadow Box

graves-002Today I want to focus on the details of my last post on this printer tray shadow box. This box was designed in memory of my great grandparents Thomas W Cox and Nellie Gamble.


DSC_0033_FotorThis box features a spoon handle from her silver service. One spoon got stuck in the garbage disposal. Oops! I was able to replace it, and now I have an interesting piece for my box.




This is a copy of their wedding invitation.






December 25, 1921. I made a Christmas box for their Christmas wedding.

Mr. Cox retired from the railroad so I created a train box next to a picture from his retirement.

This is a copy of the signature of a letter Thomas wrote to Nellie. I love how he signed it “I’m Your Friend”!


The bible represents the fact that Thomas and Nellie raised their children in a Christian home, and were very active in their church.

I love how shadow boxes can tell a story. If you have one you have made I would love to see pictures of it! I am considering writing these descriptions down and attaching them to the back of each box. What do you think?

If you want to try one for yourself you can find one here.

If you would like to read my review of this product you can check it out here.

8 responses to “Printer Tray Shadow Box”

  1. Very clever! I’m curious where you find your printer’s drawers? I used to run a typesetter years ago . . . used those drawers often.

    • Hi Don! This drawer is made by Tim Holtz. It is made out of paper. There is a link at the end of this article to buy it from Amazon. Do you still have the drawers?

  2. Hi Amanda, loved your blog. I’m such a craft lover, I create crafts all day for my day job working with children and I enjoy doing projects in my home too. Glad to have your site as a resource and love that I can access tutorials and such from this page. Great job! I’ll be back for more tips!

  3. I love shadowboxes! Such a great way to preserve a memory. It can also be on display, not tucked away in a book! I love making shadowboxes to preserve the memories of a wonderful vacation! Great site!

  4. This is such a loving tribute to your great grandparents. I save everything it seems; I could only hope someone would think enough of me to do something like that someday. You make is all feel that we could do what you do, by breaking it down into simple steps for us.

    • Thank you so much Shell! That is very kind of you. You are such a positive person, I am sure you will have people to celebrate your life! I hope I can inspire some creativity in others.

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