#52 Ancestors- Week 1-John Wesley Sessions

I am really excited to enter this 52 ancestors in 52 weeks challenge posted by Amy Johnson Crow at www.nostorytoosmall.com. The idea is to pick one ancestor each week to write about. I will try to get everything I know out there, and I hope some of my relatives will add anything they know. I find the premise of this challenge fascinating, and maybe a tad overwhelming 🙂 I feel like even a little information about a person is worth sharing. Even though the year is half over, I am going to start with week #1 in July and continue (I hope) until next July.

imageIn honor of July 4th I wanted to start off my year this John Wesley Sessions, my6th great grandfather. He was a patriot in the American Revolution, and he is the person I traced my lineage to Join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

I only recently ( in the last 3 years or so) really start to dive in to my family history. The first time I found someone who fought in the revolutionary war I was so excited. I was so surprised to find someone! What I would soon fin out is if you have one relative, you most likely have more. John Wesley Sessions was the one who I found the most information about, and could trace him directly back to me!

John Wesley Sessions was born May, 27 1758 in New Hanover, North Carolina. He was the son of John Sessions and Sarah Ransom. He married Mary Polly Thompson in 1779 in Putnam County Georgia.

He fought in the Revolutionary war as a private in the companies of Captains Bright and Heritage and Colonels Howe, Martin, Thaxton. 

The most interesting piece of information I found is a copy of his Revolutionary War pension record! This was amazing to read all about how his life turned out. From what I can tell he was indigent, but still proud of his service. This record was found on ancestry.com. It is actually what I used as the background of this page.

He died on the 4th of July, 1836

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  1. Sounds like a great challenge Amanda, and a great way to keep some of our ancestors stories alive. Very interesting – good luck on making it through the 52 weeks.

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