Digital Genealogy Scrapbooking-

digital scrapbooking pages
Digital Genealogy Scrapbooking

One of my favorite ways to preserve memories is digital genealogy scrapbooking. What makes this kind of scrapbooking so unique is the ability to use all different types of mementoes.

This page was created using my dads letter from college. I scanned the letter and a photo of a college group and used them both on this page. I made this page for a video I made for my dad. The nice thing was being able to scan objects with special meaning that would normally not be used in a scrapbook.

Large Family Tree: Part 2

Family Tree
Family tree chart

I want to move on today with part two of my family tree project. As I said before this was all done trial and error so I am sure I did some things the hard way! The first thing to do is to create a paper copy of your family tree. If you have a family tree program you could print one from there or a blank one available for free on freebie.

I went back five generations to my great-great grandparents. You can do your tree with fewer generations if you don’t have enough photos.


I printed one for my husband, and one for myself. For anyone I had no picture of, I tried to get a headstone picture. If that did not work, I made an image with their name on it. For those I just did not know I just put mother or father on an image. Fortunately there were very few that I was missing.


Getting your photos organized is a huge step in this project. In my next post I am will give you a materials list, get the photos printed

and move forward with getting some things on the wall.


All The Best!



My Largest Family Tree!


Thank you so much for reading today. I’m so glad to have you. I wanted to share with you the largest heritage project I have done to date. Because of the size of the project I’m going to spread this out over multiple days. Please excuse the photos, as I was not planning on blogging this when I did the project. I hope you can find some inspiration here. I have always wanted to do a large family tree, but never really had the guts to paint on the wall. I finally decided I could always paint over it ! I did this without any instructions so I may have done a few things the hard way 🙂 . Learn from my mistakes. What I wanted to do here is create the family tree on a large scale so I could bring these ancestors off the computer and out of the scrapbooks, and to really be able to see them. In my next post I will start showing you my process.

All The Best!


Welcome to Miss E and Me- Heritage Crafts

Welcome! Thank you for joining me. I hope you will find this site inspirational, interesting and a place to share your projects. I have been interested in genealogy for a while now, but I still consider myself an amateur.  I love to look at old photos. Recently I began making crafts using them.

I love these kinds of crafts because they hold such special meaning for me. Doing these projects has really given me the opportunity to share stories about our ancestors with my kids.  I hope I can share some of those stories here.

As my daughter “miss e” say’s “we are crafty girls!” She loves to make things with me. We have set up a guest/craft room where we both have a desk to work on. Besides craft stuff, that room is where I keep all the antiques and family heirlooms I have either inherited or am “holding on” to.

I love to look at these treasures and think about all the people who passed them down. I hope to share with you scrapbook pages, home decor and other heritage crafts.

Do you have any special crafts handed down from an ancestor?